Family law is fraught with emotion with disputing facts and claims.  This is where we can help.  We believe in providing a caring and professional service for you to look after your children's needs in parenting disputes or your rights in property matters.  We can help identify and source information to put your evidence to the Court in the strongest and clearest possible way.

It does not matter if you are a parent, guardian, step-parent, or grandparent - we are here to advise you through what can be a legal minefield.  You have a right to be informed in most cases.

We cover all areas of family law: parenting matters/disputes,  relocation applications, divorces (domestic and international), breaches of existing orders, de facto and marital property disputes (large or small), disputes regarding company earnings or assets, superannuation disputes, recovery orders and so on.


Also offered are services in child protection: where the Department of Families and Community Services are involved - or are becoming involved - or have taken the children, we can provide advice and help to you protect your best interests and those of your child/ren.


Ms Storey has also received training as an Independent Children's Lawyer.

We offer advice and representation if you need or receive a Family Violence Order.



For many years, our firm has been providing representation in significant areas of criminal law and coronial matters.  We have prepared matters regarding more serious charges as murder, terrorism, drug trafficking, serious assaults, sex offences, motor vehicle accidents causing death or serious injury to matters of assault, infringement notices, or the bringing of family violence orders or the breach of same.

So, whether it be a smaller or a more serious matter - we understand its seriousness to you and can help guide you through your matter. 

We will explain likely outcomes and ways that you can either avoid more significant penalties by considering rehabilitation options, addressing drug/alcohol or anger management issues, psychological assistance and linking you up with the right services to help you and/or minimise the severity of any penalty. 

As a victim of crime, we also offer a very caring service focusing on you, your family and your recovery.  The crimes compensation system has changed dramatically in recent years.  We are across those changes and can make the system work for you.  With our experience in victims of crime matters, we can help you maximise any amount of compensation you may be entitled to because no one asks to be a victim of crime.


Do you have a contract that you need to sign that you need looked over?  Or, do you need one drafted? Whether it be a commercial contract, leases, Deeds, settlement agreements or employment contracts - we can help you.  


if you are an employee and have a dispute regarding dismissal, health and safety, discrimination claims, or, are facing such claims as an employer or occupier, we can provide you with complete assistance and advice - including representation at your workplace or at disciplinary hearings.

So, if your matter is employment,  employment or civil contracts, we are here to provide assistance within a commercial timeframe.

Did you know? We are able to obtain translation services for you if English is not your first language.


We offer a whole range of services in other areas of law:


*drafting wills and disputes regarding wills


*disputes regarding the distribution of deceased estates 


*debts - whether you're the debtor, or, you are the person owed money


*superannuation Total and Permanent Disability Claims if you have an injury or disability, or, Death Benefits if a loved one passes away

*we can provide initial consultation, and referral or representation in workers compensation, transport accidents, injuries, or negligence claims

*we offer mediation services & workplace investigation services 

*we can represent you and liaise with Government departments about decisions, debts or obligations

*we can assist you with social security appeals before the AAT regarding debts or advising you on how to best maximise your social security claim

We are registered by ACON in NSW and are pleased to offer services to our LGBTIQ community 

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