Our costs structure

We understand that costs are an important issue to our clients - it can literally mean whether you can take action or not.  At Rachel Storey & Associates, we make the costs process easier to understand by:

1.  we charge a nominal administrative fee for our first appointment so we can provide you with an estimate of costs after receiving your instructions before you decide to do anything.  This initial cost can be waived in certain circumstances;

2.   If you wish to proceed, we then provide you with a detailed costs agreement and disclosure statement explaining our costs so that you know beforehand in more detail what the likely costs may be before you do anything.


3.   If our estimate of costs change at any time in your case based on an increased complexity of your matter, or involves increased levels of work on your matter not expected at the outset of your claim, or due to matters known , we advise you before engaging in that additional work so you can decide how you wish to proceed.


We believe in total transparency, we can provide itemised bills of costs or explain why we believe your costs fall within the ranges quoted. 


We are also very competitive on price as we keep our overheads low so that means more savings in your pocket. 

In summary: we believe in your right to know of anticipated costs before you commence legal proceedings.  This just makes good business sense.

We have also teamed up with a leading legal finance provider for family law property matters which can also include funding for parenting matters (conditions apply).  This means you can have your legal costs paid for until settlement giving you greater peace of mind.

We aim to keep your costs down without compromising on quality.

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