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Your success is our business.


We guide you through every step of the way of your legal matter in a way that makes you understand, feel at ease with the process, and not have any hidden surprises.


Whether your matter is large or small, short or long, we are there 'in your corner' listening to what you want, and providing you with advice the most likely to lead to a successful outcome that meets your needs, your goals and obtaining a result that you are comfortable and happy with without excessive legal costs.


And that’s our success.


Our experienced and friendly team at Rachel Storey & Associates are ready and able to help you now and when you need it most.  We have flexibility in our work hours because we appreciate that you may have differing needs.


We have valuable professional contacts and associations developed and knowledge  from over our 16 years of practice which can place you at an advantage in the preparation of your case.  We have a skilled staff who are happy and able to meet your needs.


Most importantly, as a valued client, you will feel part of a team fighting for you. 





Understanding the legal process is not easy and stressful.


We pride ourselves on explaining to you from the outset - in plain English - what may happen so there are no unexpected surprises.  Whilst we will always explore early resolution of your legal matter, we realise that the law can take time and we are ready to assert your needs if the other party is not prepared to resolve your claim in a fair manner.  We are there with you in such instances, explaining the legal process the entire way.


You don't have to be faced with your legal problem alone,- we are known for our friendly and easy contactable approach whether it be by phone, Facebook, Skype, email or in person. In any way you reach us the message is the same:  "we are here for you when you need us most."


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